Unbearable seperation

19/4/2013 (Friday)

I came across this news http://life.sinchew.com.my/node/5180?tid=31 from this picture

The phrase “砸碎结婚戒指并落下泪珠”brought me to read this story. After their divorce ceremony, the lady breaks down to tears with a smile. This is so Japanese, never reveal their weakness to people. She must have been through hard time but the moment she saw her husband crushed their wedding ring was the hardest moment, i guess. He, her ex-husband, crushed her heart into pieces. I can't help myself but feeling hurt. That is their story, from a third point of view, i have no stand to judge them.

What upset me even more is another story. This time, a pair of chinese couples. The article described about the behavior of the man.


Maybe i will never be able to understand their feeling, hardship and relief etc if I never encounter their conflict.

You are just no longer the Mr/Mrs Right. sigh.

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