it's holidays!

finally i reach home.
wat a great feeling i hav been looking forward for few months.

watching channel u,
the feeling is great!
listening to 933,
the feeling is jus right!

"this is home,
where i noe i mus b.
this is where,
i wont b alone....
this is where i noe im home..."

the feeling of waiting friends to come bek is nice.
the feeling of relaxing n doing things i like is so enjoyable.
i luv holidays =)

looking forward to 2012. the movie i mean. not the end of the world. haha.
looking forward for a new hairstyle, spec and ic as well.
so many things gonna do within these 3 weeks.
so many shows i gonna catch up,
so many frens i gonna meet up with,
so many...
so many...
but i still luv holidays so much...
hapi holidays~!


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